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Clifftops Plan Change (2005-2007)

Landscape & Visual Assessment, Expert Evidence at Council Hearing & Environment Court

Location: Castlecliff, Wanganui

Client: Clifftop Developments Ltd.

Assessment of landscape and visual effects for the proposed Plan Change to allow development of a 100 lot residential development on the coast of Wanganui, northwest  of Castlecliff.  Hudson Associates prepared the site layout, accommodating the required number of lots and providing extensive areas of open space and connectivity to the beach.

The landscape assessment included a detailed assessment of the effects on the natural character of the coastal environment, documenting this into a report that met approval by DoC. Coupled with an assessment of visibility from selected points along the beach, and a demonstration of how visibility would be limited, DoC withdrew their submission opposing the Plan Change.

The Plan Change was not adopted by Council, so was undertaken as a private plan change by the applicant through a Council hearing. The Plan Change was accepted by the Council's commissioners, but has been appealed to the Environment Court by neighbours.