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Long Gully Wind Farm (2009)

Landscape Evidence, Council Hearing

Location: Long Gully, Wellington

Client: Wellington City Council

Windflow Technology Limited has applied for resource consent to build a wind farm at Long Gully, west of Wellington City. The proposal involves the construction of 25 two blade turbines, each with an overall height of 46.6m from base to blade tip.

In order to assess the landscape and visual effects of this proposal, Hudson Associates was commissioned by Wellington City Council to undertake an independent assessment for the purpose of informing the planners report to the upcoming resource consent hearing. The assessment covers the following:

  1. A description of the existing landscape, taking into account physical, perceptual and associational factors.

  2. Consideration of the significance of features and landscapes.

  3. An assessment of the effects due to the wind turbines

  4. Consideration of the effects on the coastal environment

  5. Review of the proposal in terms of the applicable planning framework

  6. Assessment of cumulative effects, with particular regard to associational factors.

The application for resource consent by Windflow Technology was granted with conditions in 2009.