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Palmerston North The Plaza (2007-2009)

Urban Design, Assessment of Landscape & Visual Effects

Location: Palmerston North

Client: Kiwi Income Property Trust

Kiwi Income Property Trust has obtained a resource consent for the redevelopment and expansion of The Plaza in Palmerston North. Since obtaining the consent, they have needed to modify their plans to some extent, in relation to matters such as traffic circulation and detailed design of the 3 storey Fergusson St carpark. This has necessitated an application for a new resource consent.

The three storey carpark is proposed for the same site facing Fergusson Street and east of Toyworld as in the consented proposal. The main differences in terms of the appearance of the carpark building is that the frontage facing Fergusson St will now be open for the lower portion to allow views of the Countdown supermarket when travelling along Fergusson St in front of the carpark building. The carpark building has been modified in terms of layout and appearance to some extent to allow a functional design for traffic flow within the building, and also to provide an attractive interface with the Fergusson Ststreetscape.

Hudson Associates prepared an assessment of landscape & visual effects, which focus on the changes to the consented carpark building in Fergusson Street, and addresses the urban design issues that these changes raise. The patterned green panels, and the inserting lifestyle images as vertical elements, were applied as the façade treatment. Shrub and group planting provided contrast and urban amenity.