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Tiffin Hill Subdivision (2008)

Scheme Plan, Assessment of Landscape and Visual Effects

Location: Tiffin Hill, Carterton

Client: Tiffin Estate Trust

A resource consent application was lodged in late 2007 seeking consent for a subdivision to create 16 rural residential lots around the existing lot at 7 Woodlands Road on the eastern side of Carterton Township . The land is in zoned Rural under the Carterton District Plan.

Hudson Associates was engaged by Tiffin Estate Trust to prepare landscape assessment as required to assess the landscape and visual effects of the proposal and the effect of the proposed subdivision on the existing rural character and amenity of the Rural Zone.

This assessment outlines the assessment methodology and provides an analysis of the site in the broader and local landscape context. An evaluation of the landscape and visual effects of the proposed subdivision will be followed by an evaluation of the district plan. The report conclusion includes mitigation and recommendations to Council.

A Council hearing is planned for December 2008, where Hudson Associates will be presenting expert evidence is support of the application.