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Westwood Business Park (2005-2007,2010)

Site Development Strategy, Urban Design, Design Report

Location: Middle Renwick Road, Blenheim

Client: Outer Limits Ltd.

On the urban edge, the site is strategically located on SH6, the key western gateway to Blenheim. The development strategy seeks to allow large format retail and service industry development integrated with the surrounding rural landscape character and strengthening the entrance to Blenheim.

Hudson Associates collaborated with Studio of Pacific Architecture on the site development strategy, developing a number of design principles that underpinned a masterplan concept that sought to address Council and community concerns and ensure a quality built environment is achieved.

The design features a dedicated entrance landscape feature drawing on the linear landscape patterns of the Wairau Plains, and a common open space providing a focus and relief from large areas of built surfaces.

The design team prepared a comprehensive report as a part of the plan change request documentation, assessing the development within the existing landscape context and character, and outlining the urban design and site planning principles underpinning the development strategy.

Following the Council hearing, the project was reduced in size to half the original size to limit effects on the CBD retail.